The “Benchmarking report on LAC RI Policies and funding models & European RI relevant showcases” was published and is available for download in the repository of the EU-LAC Resinfra Web Page.

From the EU-LAC Resinfra project developed the document “Benchmarking report on LAC RI Policies and funding models & European RI relevant showcases”, which aims to identify several LAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) research infrastructures (RIs) that may be considered eligible for the construction of a bi-regional collaboration. This will be carried out through the definition of minimum key requirements these RIs would need to develop in the coming years. The project will build on the prioritization results of the EU-LAC Senior Official Meeting on Science and Technology (SOM) Research Infrastructure (RI) Working Group (WG) and, more specifically, will take as a reference the mapping exercises developed in previous EU-funded projects, such as EULAC Focus project.

The results and information obtained for drafting a Sustainability Plan will be presented to the EU-LAC RI WG for discussion and endorsement. The Plan will include specific actions to support the bi-regional collaboration from a mid-term perspective. The objective is to design specific variable geometry instruments for co-funding RIs of common interest and to design measures that pursue the strengthening of the bi-regional RI cooperation. In parallel, the project aims to show the feasibility of the EU-LAC RI collaboration through existing examples thanks to the development of four pilots in different scientific domains that are linked to some existing Research Infrastructures: Instruct-ERIC, LIFEWATCH-ERIC, E-RIHS, and RICAP, which will help to prove the feasibility of the collaboration and to boost it.

To download the document please access to Repository section on this web page.