Agencia Nacional de Investigación y Desarrollo, ANID

The National Research and Development Agency, ANID, is the agency responsible for the management and the implementation of programs and instruments to promote and develop research in all areas of knowledge, technological development and scientific-technological innovation, according to the policies defined by the Ministry of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation. We do this work based on the following values: Excellence: we believe in evidence as a fundamental tool for decision-making and continuous improvement of our processes and we consider people as the central axis for quality service. Transparency: we value honest and permanent communication as a tool to build trusts between our teams and with the community. Equity: we offer equal treatment, valuing the diversity of looks and respecting the differences, both of the people who work in the institution, and of our users. Unit: we work as a team, in a harmonious and dialogue way, to achieve our collective goals. Impact: we contribute to the National System of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation, generating information and knowledge that impacts on the design and evaluation of public policies.