Agencia Uruguaya de Cooperacion Internacional, AUCI

The Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation is responsible for the negotiation and coordination of international cooperation initiatives that Uruguay both receives and offers, making sure that they are aligned to sustainable development priorities. Uruguay´s sound macroeconomic policies and high level of human development indicators, accountable institutions and political stability, together with it´s relatively small scale in terms of population, confer the country optimal conditions to pilot and test sustainable development interventions and innovation processes. The Agency coordinates all kinds of international cooperation modalities (bilateral and multilateral official development assistance, south-south cooperation, triangular cooperation, technical and financial cooperation). It has a longstanding experience in working with the European Union in different kinds of projects and roles. Moreover, it has international experience in working with different stakeholders (government bodies, civil society, academia and private sector) and promoting partnerships across a vast range of areas that foster sustainable development such as: environment protection and climate change mitigation and adaptation; science, technology and innovation, human rights, culture, health, agriculture, human security, gender equality, disability, among others. To do so, it has developed strong networking, negotiation and facilitation skills, intercultural communication competences, project cycle management, monitoring and evaluation capacities, experience in leading consultation and participatory processes, and capacity building of policy makers as well as other development actors through the organisation of national and international workshops and seminars.