Centro de Investigaciones Energéticas, Medioambientales y Tecnológicas (CIEMAT)

CIEMAT is a Spanish Public Research Institution (www.ciemat.es). Since its formation in 1951, it has developed and led R&D projects in the fields of Energy, Environment and Technology, placing the institution at the forefront of science and technology. As a technological research centre, CIEMAT fosters links between academia and industry. Its main activities include: to promote the introduction and improve the competitiveness of renewable energies on the energy market; to improve the efficiency and environmental quality of fossil fuels; to optimise waste management and safety of nuclear fission energy; to demonstrate the role of nuclear fusion as a future energy alternative; to assess the environmental impact of energy; to promote the development of environmentally-friendly technologies that respect the environment; to transfer horizontal technologies to industry; to improve scientific returns derived from CIEMAT activities; to strengthen industrial participation in international projects with high technological content; and, to foster technology transfer, training and scientific outreach. CIEMAT is the Spanish largest R&D centre on energy and will participate in this proposal with the Technology Dpt., which has a solid record of accomplishment in the consolidation of e-Infrastructures between Europe and Latin America.