Instruct-ERIC is a distributed pan-European Research Infrastructure Consortium, with the following objectives: a) to facilitate the advancement of integrative structural cell biology; b) to make available a managed access to state-of-the-art European structural biology facilities and specialist expertise; c) to further the development of the Instruct technology; and d) to provide training in integrative techniques in the field of structural biology. 

To this end Instruct-ERIC undertakes and coordinates a variety of activities, including but not limited to: a) those offered by Instruct Centres such as the provision of infrastructure to the structural biology user community and other Instruct training, networking and dissemination activities; b) the creation and operation of the Instruct Hub that provides the central coordinating role for all Instruct Activities offered through Instruct Centres; c) the provision of access to structural biology infrastructure at Instruct Centres using an Instruct web-portal incorporating peer review and scheduling for access reserved for Instruct users by an Instruct Centre; d) the coordination by the Instruct Hub of training courses and workshops on techniques and methods relevant to structural cell biology, enabling the dissemination of expertise, the stimulation for exchange and co-development with industry; e) the coordination by the Instruct Hub of joint programmes between Instruct Centres that support new technical and technological approaches that enable better integration across structural biology technologies; f) the coordination of programmes with companies that develop innovative structural biology technologies enabling their effective uptake by Instruct Centres, making these available for access to academic and industrial researchers in Europe; g) the bridging of structural, cell and systems biology communities by coordinating joint actions including meetings, conferences and workshops; h) any other related action that helps strengthen research in the European Research Area.