Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación (MINCYT)

The Secretariat of Government of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation (SGCTeIP) establishes policies and coordinates actions aiming to strengthen the country’s capacity to respond to priority sectorial and social problems in order to improve society’s quality of life.  The scientific and technological policy developed by the National Directorate of Cooperation and Institutional Integration of SGCTeIP in the multilateral, bilateral and other specific fields allow scientific research promotion and productive innovation between Argentinean and foreign research groups through a broad range of joint R+I projects initiatives, workshops, seminars, trainings, and human resources development grants.

Cooperation policy developed of the National Directorate of Cooperation and Institutional, Secretariat of Government of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation has proven to be effective to recognize new global scenarios and new trends in international cooperation, focusing its work on a set of dimensions framed in the country’s strategy. Its main field of ction can be classified in (a) regional integration in science and technology, traditionally oriented to MERCOSUR and UNASUR, with a more recent view to CELAC regions; (b) The work of the Liaison Office with the European Union (EU), ABEST, that since 2005, advises and reports to the Argentina scientific community about the opportunities for cooperation through the EU Framework Programme; the cooperation agreements Argentina has established with over 150 countries; an multilateral relations through organisations such as OAS, UNESCO and the EU, being The Ibero-American Program (CYTED) one of the main fields of interest of the country.