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The European Commission has launched its first emergency funding under Horizon Europe. With a budget of 123 million euros, the calls included in this fund seek to complement the actions carried out so far in the fight against COVID-19, such as research and development of vaccines and treatments, providing the EC with knowledge and tools to prevent and respond to the impact of COVID.

The different calls, opened for the submition of proposals on April 15 and with a deadline of May 6, 2021, range from the development of fair and open data sharing instruments, vaccines & therapeutical clinical trials to research infrastructure services for rapid research responses to COVID-19.

Research infrastructures play an important role in this emergency fund through the call HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EMERGENCY-02: Research infrastructure services for rapid research responses to COVID-19 and other infectious disease epidemics. This call involves research infrastructures in the prevention and fight against COVID and expects to obtain proposals that enhance EU capacity to identify, characterise and mitigate the effects of COVID-19 virus variants of concern and future emerging pathogens, reinforce RI capacity to provide at scale and across the EU services to support excellent research, increase society’s long-term and consist problem-solving capacity and evidence-based policy making and provide new discoveries and knowledge breakthroughs enabled by access provision to the best and in some cases unique state-of-the-art RIs.

For more information on this call and submition of proposals, visit the webpage of EC funding & tender oportunities.